Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Last night I was looking at this old blog with Sasha. I decided I should maybe try and update it. I really hate livejournal.

So ....it looks as though I am in just as a complicated and pathetic situation with Tim now as I was with Joel. Why do I stay? Why am I a sucker for torment?

Everyone else says that if they had to put up with these things they would leave. I try to leave and turn my back, but I can't. I can't make myself give up on someone.

Tonight is going to be hard for me. I am going to have to ask a lot of tough questions, and make sure I get the answers. I can't just let it slide anymore.

I guess I'll update later...

National Congress was super duper fun by the way. YAY Calgary!

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Friday, December 24, 2004

Old fashioned sleepover 

Attendance: Kyla, Kat, Jenni, Crystal and myself

Quotable Quotes:

"Mick Jagger"- Kyla when trying to read the questions for trivial pursuit but instead read the answer outloud.

"When I was having sex with....*long pause to try and remember who she was talking about*"- Jenni

"Makes you less have cottage cheese"- Krista saying why its good not to like silk panties

"Juice Newton"- Kyla reading question (Krista thought it sounded funny so wrote it down)

"just go around the rim"- Kat on how to pay the game

"Jenni always gets the fuckin questions that are fucking fuckings"- Kyla

"Skate Biking"- Krista's answer to what sports are played on the ESPN extreeme sport network

"I don't want to grad you in your shnapper"- Crystal trying to get pen from Krista

"thats not a phone, thats a cassette tape!" -Crystal yelling at Kyla, while Kyla moved the wrong pieces all over the place.

"I love Music Machine"- Krista when talking about IMAC

"Benny's Hill"- Kat not able to recognize or read the words Benny Hill

"Marie Osmond sells 3rd base on the shopping network"-Kyla mixing up a question with the answer of totally different question.

"Do they?" - Kat about people recording us talking

"because they sound funny" - Kyla

"your a gay question" - Kat to kyla

"I shook the lava lamp, I gotta sneeze"- Kyla switching gears

"Did I answer with a noun?"- Krista being stupid

"nigga bum....la la la.. in the stinnnnk" - Krista singing for no reason

Question: "What was the catch phrase of Jacko the Aussie energiser spokesman?" Answer: "Oy" -All "what the fuck?!"

"I tried to wash my hands with the cover of your shaving cream"- Kyla to Ross

*insert comments about pinks and stinks* and more singing by krista

"Guys I think we are better at talking about sex"- Kat on our abilities to play trivial pursuit.

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Monday, December 20, 2004

Testing the new blog publishing tool 

seeing if this will update both my blogs at the same time on my NEW COMPUTER!

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Moncton today 

This is the earliest I have gotten up since I have been home.

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